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Pet Testimonial

Brown Cat


I was named after an angel, obviously because I am one. However, one time I snuck into the foster kittens room and ended up getting an eye infection.  My Mom tried different eye drops and ointments for weeks, but the infection didn't go away.  My Mom took me to Fox Valley Animal Hospital where they did an upper respiratory panel.  They diagnosed me with a Mycoplasma bacterial infection... what is that?  After that my Mom gave me medication hidden in my food every day for a month.  My eyes finally got better!  Thanks Fox Valley.  She never knew I got it from the foster kittens.  She still thinks I am her perfect angel! 

Cat and Dog laying on floor

Floyd Carlos

My name is Carlos, the cat and this is my brother, Floyd the French bulldog. I was found on the side of the road in Le Roy Illinois as a little kitten.  My new mom took me to Fox Valley Animal Hospital.  Dr. Sherden treated me for Otodectes (earmites) and did surgery on my lower jaw which had a degloving injury of the skin. (Yuk!)  I had a button sutured into my chin to hold the skin back into place so it would heal properly.  It wasn't only useful, everyone thought it was cute too!  Everyone at Fox Valley is always so compassionate, nice and helpful to me and my brother whenever we need them!